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Decor Inspiration: Copper Blush Accents

Le sigh. Copper blush seems to be the new hit trend around these parts and I’m not complaining. The hue has me in a tizzy exploring depths of Etsy I never knew possible–beyond my beloved land of printable art…. le GASP. Copper Blush looks deceivingly like her sister color, rose gold. Copper blush leans more


DIY Mini Flower Buckets + Arranging Tips

  While spring may not be officially in the air yet, I’m beckoning it over to our household with cute mini copper flower arrangements. Believe it or not, I made 3 of these bucket babies using under $30. I bought the adorable little copper buckets from the $1 section at Target (if you can’t find

Beauty Instagrams to Follow |

Beauty Instagrams to Follow

I’m obsessed with Instagram. I check it practically every 5 seconds throughout the day–every morning, while I’m cooking, while I’m cleaning, when I can’t sleep, even when I’m on the damn toilet (tmi but let’s be honest…it’s my digital magazine?) Let’s just say its my boo thang. I love the endless rounds of stunning photos–how

How to Style Makeup For a Vintage Dress |

How to Style Makeup For a Vintage Dress

 Visions of Great Gatsby charm and Breakfast at Tiffanys elegance dances in my head when I think of vintage makeup and style. Hands down, there is no look quite as glamorous and feminine. When Eliza J Dresses* asked me to create a makeup look inspired by their gorgeous line of vintage style dresses–I accepted the challenge

How to Sneak Pampering Time Into Your Cleaning Schedule |
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How to Sneak Pampering Time Into Your Cleaning Schedule

We women spread ourselves too thin. With busier lifestyles than ever, the multiple roles we juggle leaves most of us exhausted. Taking on the role of chef, maid, family psychologist, lady entrepreneur and overall badass leaves us feeling like it’s impossible to get it all done.   I’ve found a method that perfectly streamlines my

January Wishing |

January Wishing

There’s nothing better than ripping open new packaging to reveal the product you’ve been oggling for so long. I already sang praises for the new, incredibly exciting 2015 makeup collections and innovations debuting this year. But these, my friends, are the lovely products that transform my eyes into little hearts, and my soul into that

Healthy Fruit & Nut Power Oatmeal |

Healthy Fruit & Nut Power Oatmeal

Mmm oatmeal. A hot, toasty breakfast for cold winter mornings. This healthy power oatmeal is satisfying and luxurious without paying a tax to your waistline.  Every time I have lost a substantial amount of weight I have started off the day with this oatmeal. It’s delicious, healthy and keeps hunger pangs at bay until lunch

The January Base |

The January Base

Cold-ish weather (I live in Florida so my bodily cold-o-meter is obviously broken) means I’ve put aside matte formulas for the moment. Although I have oily skin, the winter weather never fails to sap out any moisture my skin possesses–and matte formulas tend to highlight the appearance of dry skin. Light to medium coverage foundations