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Berry + Nudes | Fall Makeup Tutorial

Berry + Nudes | Fall Makeup Tutorial |

The crisp fall air is finally creeping its way on over towards my fiery inferno state of Florida. I couldn’t be happier. Not only does fall mean pumpkin everything and cozy new decor, but the busting out of darker, more sultry lippies. Fall makeup is personally my favorite of all the seasons so I couldn’t […]

Fall 2014 Runway Inspired Makeup

fall feature

Although I’ll always be a fan of the rich oxblood lips from last fall season, there is a whole new array of makeup trends to get excited for with this season. Splashes of metallic, glowing skin, shades of emerald, the 1990’s brown lip, big lashes and super lined and defined eyes are just a few […]

A Makeover | Alison


Meet Alison. She came to stay with my husband and I to celebrate my recent baby shower and of course, we ended up doing a makeover in our spare time! When people ask us how long we’ve known eachother, we will just look at eachother and say “since womb.” Our parents met while strolling us […]

Highlighting 101 | How to Achieve a Luminous, Summer J.Lo Glow with Highlighter

highlighting 101

There is no other season that I like to highlight more than in the summer. Luminous, dewy skin almost personifies summer in a form–the health that radiates from your cheeks in the summer heat, the glow you get after a long day spent by the pool or beach. Regardless of the season though, highlighter is […]

5 Ways to Speed Up Your Makeup Routine


I often get the sneaking suspicion that one day– perhaps after the one millionth time of shouting “Just ten more minutes…I PROMISE!”–that my patient husband will finally go psycho and plot the untimely doom of my beloved products. That…or just straight up throw my vanity out the window.  It’s easy to get carried away (at […]

Maybelline The Nudes Palette | Review, Swatches + Eye Makeup Pictorial


The Maybelline Nudes Palette ($9.99) just hit shelves in local drugstores and I swear it’s like the world stopped spinning. It seems like every beauty blogger, her mom and her cat are rushing to grab this palette. I mean, after all it really is the first of its kind in drugstore land. Besides NYX–which is only […]