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A Makeover | Florica


I was so excited to have my friend Florica over to do makeup for her photo shoot. Florica teaches kindergarden students and was one of my lovely bridesmaids! We met when we were 11 years old at church choir during the age of Bratz Dolls and unfortunate hairstyles. Needless to say, we have been prancing […]

A Makeover|Charlotte


Meet my beautiful baby sister (or baby seeeeeesster as I like to call her). She kindly came over yesterday to help move some last minute little things into my apartment and hangout and of course we ended up breaking out the makeup and playing! I decided to give her a full, fun makeover and teach […]

Currently in My Makeup Bag | Summer Daily Makeup Routine


If you read my recent blog post, 5 Beauty Lessons I Learned While Sick, you will know about the fiasco my husband and I have been having recently with our little flea friends. After chemically bombing the apartment to high heaven several times to no avail (I’m pretty sure the Apocalypse could occur and they […]

My Wedding Makeup | Products + How-To


Looking through the pictures of my wedding day, I have been almost permanently poised over my laptop with a huge Chesire cat grin smeared across my face as each moment is re-lived in my mind. After a month of worth-while waiting, our photographer (who is a talented genius, btw) sent us the albums of gorgeous photos. […]

How to Prevent Eyeliner from Melting, Running, Smudging and Creasing


Yesterday was hectic to say the least. With 5 million things to do and no time to do them I was pretty much running around like a bunny on crack. In a small attempt to look partially human, (I’ve been sick for awhile) I hurriedly threw on a bit of makeup that morning. By the […]

Apply Makeup Like a Pro: Makeup Brushes You Need in Your Life


As a makeup artist and beauty lover, I love trying out all different brands and kinds of brushes. I have found some great ones through trial and error and I can say without doubt that these are my most used, tried-and-true brushes. All of these blend out product beautifully and have little to no shedding. […]