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Beauty Staples: The Everyday Game Changers

Beauty Staples: The Everyday Game Changers

I’ve been keeping to a pretty steady makeup routine these days. I’ve found a great crop of products that I religiously apply in my everyday routine–and know that they will get the job done. No fuss, no worries. It’s reassuring when getting ready in a snap (my life because baby is legit sprinting now so […]

Stay-Put Liquid Lipsticks

stay-put liquid lipsticks

Liquid lipstick is the product I rediscovered over the past few months. I mean, with every makeup company (like EVERY company) releasing a new, more pigmented, more durable, more matte formula of the stuff, I decided to hop on the Kylie Jenner *cough* I mean liquid lipstick train.  With liquid lipsticks, I’ve found it’s really […]

A Missing Link in Your Skincare Routine


We Floridians appreciate our citrus friends. By now, my nostrils perk at the scent of fresh grapefruits and my mouth never fails to water–even against the droplets of my one-billionth glass of orange juice. I’m also known to peel lemons and eat them whole. I know, my enamel is screaming no.  Turns out that vitamin […]

January Wishing

January Wishing |

There’s nothing better than ripping open new packaging to reveal the product you’ve been oggling for so long. I already sang praises for the new, incredibly exciting 2015 makeup collections and innovations debuting this year. But these, my friends, are the lovely products that transform my eyes into little hearts, and my soul into that […]

The January Base

The January Base |

Cold-ish weather (I live in Florida so my bodily cold-o-meter is obviously broken) means I’ve put aside matte formulas for the moment. Although I have oily skin, the winter weather never fails to sap out any moisture my skin possesses–and matte formulas tend to highlight the appearance of dry skin. Light to medium coverage foundations […]

Spring 2015 Beauty Collections + Products to Get Excited About | High End Edition

Spring 2015 Beauty Collections + Products to Get Excited About | High End Edition |

If curiosity killed the cat, I would be one very dead kitty. In my eagerness to see what’s headed our way this new year and spring season, I kind of looked up almost every brand I could think of to get the 411 on their latest beauty collections and products. I compiled what I found […]