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Blush Placement 101

blush placement 101

Blush can be applied in an endless array of ways–usually using the shape of the face as a guide. Throwing out all makeup “formality”, I usually abide by one simple rule when applying blush. This one golden rule eliminates the guesswork out of blush placement and is a great trick for both beginners and experts. […]

Moisturizing Lip Saviors

moisturizing lip saviors

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and that means your lips must be ready for battle my friends! Whether or not you’ll be smooching away this Valentine’s, I’ve got just the trick for lips that need some serious TLC… A tinted lip balm I’m just loving at the moment is Kari Gran Lip Whip. With a […]

Beauty Staples: The Everyday Game Changers

Beauty Staples: The Everyday Game Changers

I’ve been keeping to a pretty steady makeup routine these days. I’ve found a great crop of products that I religiously apply in my everyday routine–and know that they will get the job done. No fuss, no worries. It’s reassuring when getting ready in a snap (my life because baby is legit sprinting now so […]

Stay-Put Liquid Lipsticks

stay-put liquid lipsticks

Liquid lipstick is the product I rediscovered over the past few months. I mean, with every makeup company (like EVERY company) releasing a new, more pigmented, more durable, more matte formula of the stuff, I decided to hop on the Kylie Jenner *cough* I mean liquid lipstick train.  With liquid lipsticks, I’ve found it’s really […]

A Lash-Growing Mascara Hack

A Lash Growing Mascara Hack |

A common question I regularly get asked as a makeup artist is how to grow out a healthy set of natural lashes. The immediate solution would be to slap on a pair of falsies or buy a set of ridiculously expensive temporary implants (which can tear out your natural lashes as they fall out btw).  […]

Beauty Instagrams to Follow

Beauty Instagrams to Follow |

I’m obsessed with Instagram. I check it practically every 5 seconds throughout the day–every morning, while I’m cooking, while I’m cleaning, when I can’t sleep, even when I’m on the damn toilet (tmi but let’s be honest…it’s my digital magazine?) Let’s just say its my boo thang. I love the endless rounds of stunning photos–how […]