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Nail of the Day: “Classy” by Revlon


Todays NOTD is the color “Classy” by Revlon. It is a dusty rose pinky/peachy-nude color and it is also one of Revlon’s newest shades. Revlon recently released this shade along with 19 other colors to celebrate Revlon’s 80th anniversary. Revlon’s “Classy” polish on my nails I have to say that I think this color is […]

Dry, flaky skin? How to have beautiful, dewy skin


          During the summer months, skin can get dry, itchy, and flaky. It’s never nice to put on your makeup or put on a cute skirt and feel and see dry patches like the dry soil of the Sahara Desert all over your skin.           Like in my previous […]

GOSH Cosmetics: small London haul (review & swatch)


          As I have been in London for quite a long time now, I have had the chance to explore and pop into many of the popular English drugstores (like Boots, Superdrug, etc.) and check out brands that are sold in the UK and Europe but not in America. As you […]

Say “Goodbye” to Oily Skin: How to combat oil and shine


         Oily skin is frustrating, annoying, and… as we all know, not usually the most attractive look. With summer and the heat, this common problem is made even worse. Your makeup looks great in the morning and then resembles a slip-n’-slide at the end of the day.  But fret not my oily friends, […]

Nail of the Day: Blooboo by Model’s Own


Today’s NOTD is the color Blooboo by Model’s Own. It is a bright, milky light-blue nail polish. I really like the color because it is soft and feminine like a more pastel color but is just as bright and eye-catching as a more neon color. Blooboo by Model’s Own This nail polish is actually a […]

Celebrity Beauty Icon: Blake Lively


So when I saw all of the recent pictures of “Gossip Girl” star, Blake Lively, at the premier of the new movie “Savages” in magazines and on the internet, my jaw dropped. Yeah, right?!? Stunning. Not only does she look absolutely gorgeous, she looks elegant and classy. This picture is a perfect example of how […]