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DIY Coconut Lime Sugar Body Scrub

diy coconut lime sugar body scrub

My ocean/mermaid themed baby shower made a splash over this past weekend (see what I did there?). Amidst all the preparations and frolicking, my crafty, inner mommy homemaker got the better of me and I decided to create some homemade, organic body scrubs to give out to the winners of each baby shower game. I […]

5 Beauty Lessons I Learned While Sick


The saying, “when it rains it pours” has been very true for me this past month. Apparently I’ve been walking under far too many ladders, breaking way to many mirrors, and unknowingly letting millions of black cats cross my path. Whatever the case–be it karma or some other unknown factor–June has just not been my […]

Honeymoon Beauty Essentials | Skincare


In my last blog post, I covered all of the great makeup products that accompanied me on my recent honeymoon to Costa Rica so today’s post is all about the skincare! I usually like to use trips as an excuse to finally use some of the cute travel-sized and tester products that I have received […]

15 Beauty & Makeup Hacks Every Woman Should Know


1.) Make lipstick last longer: Lightly cover your mouth with a tissue and apply some translucent powder over the top. You can find out exactly how to do this on this blog post of mine.  2.) DIY Gel liner: Place your kohl pencil liner under a flame (you can use a lighter, candle, etc.) for 2 seconds. […]

The Secrets to Perfect Skin: The Skin Regime (Review & GIVEAWAY)


We have all had dreams of having skin that resembles a baby’s butt. A soft, poreless, dewy, glowing, and unblemished, glorious baby’s butt. But alas, since we live in a sad place called reality, the majority of us don’t have perfect, photoshopped looking skin sans des problemes. The problem is simple.  But we don’t even […]