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5 Recent Reads

5 Recent Reads

Finding the time to read just didn’t happen for me in college. Besides reading for my assignments, I read squat–which is sad for me. I’m a true bibliophile at heart, so basically reading is my jam. I’m pretty highly strung and naturally worry all the time. Reading is therapeutic for me and takes me to […]

Winter Wishing

Winter Wishing |

Tis’ the season to make wish lists and ohhh boyyy do I have some pretty little things I’m drooling over. Spruce up your wish list and take a gander at some of the things I’m wishing for this winter. Oh, and I also might have thrown in a free printable wish list for you too.  […]

10 DIY Holiday Gifts Your Girlfriends Will Love

10 DIY Holiday Gifts Your Girlfriends Will Love |

If black friday wreaked havoc on your bank account then DIY is the way to go gift-wise. Even minus this problem–lets be honest–crafting is like, so fetch and basically the most fun thing ever. It’s like killing two birds with one stone really. You get to have these awesome DIY presents to bestow upon your […]

11 Must-Have Money & Time-Saving Apps for the Organized Mom


As a mommy-to-be on a budget, I have begun preparing my arsenal of apps to help me save both money and time. Whether it’s grocery/clothes shopping, pumping gas, finding kid-friendly restaurants and activities or just plain old staying organized–these apps are helping me on my way to becoming a super mom (or I’ll settle for […]

Weekly Link Roundup


Happy weekend! Enjoy some of my favorite links and ideas from the week.  I’ve seen this too-good-to-be-true makeup removing product reviewed on several blogs and Pinterest posts. You simply add water to the cute pink washcloth, wipe your face as normal, and voila! Your whole face of makeup comes off. Better yet, the cloth can be […]

Weekly Link Roundup


 Celebrate the weekend with me and peruse over some delightful links that have been tickling my fancy.   Yet another BB cream sensation is on the loose but this time it’s not for skin. Orly has released a BB cream just for the nails. I’m thinking it’s probably just a clever way to re-market nail […]