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The Cutest DIY Stocking Stuffers You’ll Ever Make

The Cutest DIY Stocking Stuffers You'll Ever Make

  Stocking stuffers are the best excuse to give the tiniest, most adorable gifts possible. Maximize your little stocking space by packing it full of some of the cutest DIY stocking stuffers you’ll ever make. DIY CANDIED EOS LIP BALMS  Make those cute, round eos lip balms even cuter by wrapping them up like little […]

Winter Home Decor Inspiration

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and that means your home might need a little winter spruce up. Stock up on a few festive home decor pieces to use every year and repurpose them for new arrangements. I’ve stalked Pinterest and blogs galore to bring you some ideas to set your holiday spark […]

10 DIY Holiday Gifts Your Girlfriends Will Love

10 DIY Holiday Gifts Your Girlfriends Will Love |

If black friday wreaked havoc on your bank account then DIY is the way to go gift-wise. Even minus this problem–lets be honest–crafting is like, so fetch and basically the most fun thing ever. It’s like killing two birds with one stone really. You get to have these awesome DIY presents to bestow upon your […]

DIY Cacti and Succulent Terrariums


  Terrariums are a fun DIY project you can put together surprisingly quickly, easily–and mucho cheapo. It’s a great way to liven up a dull space and add a breathe of fresh air to small apartments or dorm rooms. If you don’t have a back yard or garden, it’s a wonderful alternative and a way […]

The Makeup Show Orlando 2014 | HUGE HAUL


 Hello my fellow makeup addicts! Today is the day I show you my haul from The Makeup Show Orlando! Take a seat and get a snack because its a looonnnnggg one! If you like the video don’t forget to thumbs up, comment and subscribe to my channel!  Have I made you want to go shopping […]

The Makeup Show Orlando | My Experience + Vlog


 I am finally back with a new video after giving birth! My little baby girl is doing great and she is now 1 month old! Crazzinessss. My parents were so sweet to take her for a night so I could go to The Makeup Show. This was my first ever makeup convention (I’ve always wanted […]