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Julia + Hampton

“Anne-Marie did an out-of-this world job with my makeup! Everyone in the bridal party looked amazing. Regardless of age or look, each woman looked unique, beautiful and an enhanced version of their own selves! She didn’t try to make us look like anyone else, she focused on bringing out the best traits in each of us. We felt like glamour goddesses by the time she was done! She worked tirelessly for hours on all of us, and the last lady looked as good as the first! Her positive and supportive attitude was a plus too. She wowed me all day long. As someone who does makeup for many friends’ weddings, this is saying a lot. After seeing her work I had complete faith in how she would make me look–and wow–she was spot on. Worth every dollar and more. She is as good as a celebrity makeup artist. My makeup lasted all night looking flawless. I only wish I lived where she does so I could see her every time I have an event. Her gear, makeup and how knowledgeable she was truly set her apart from other makeup artists I’ve seen.”

S A R A H  { B R I D E S M A I D }

“Anne-Marie was kind, professional, and just generally awesome. My makeup looked fantastic and lasted all night. She even provided me with extra lip color to touch up with through out the night, but I didn’t need it at all. Everything stayed perfectly in place. I highly recommend her!!!”

J E S S I C A  { B R I D E }

“Anne-Marie is nothing short of fantastic. She is as talented as she is sweet. The morning of my wedding, Anne-Marie and her assistant traveled to the Lake House where my bridesmaids and I were getting ready. Not only did she make me (The Bride) look absolutely flawless, but she managed to make over the Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, Grandmother of the Bride, and 6 Bridesmaids, all in record time. She is a MAKE UP MACHINE, and each woman came out looking just as radiant as the last. No one felt rushed, or like they didn’t get the same treatment as anyone else. I am still amazed at her time management ability and incredible skill set. She knew exactly how much time she would need, and we were able to stick to the day’s schedule without skipping a beat. She was a pleasure to have around the morning of the wedding as well. She has such a wonderful personality and her chair-side manner is great. There was absolutely no awkwardness or discomfort. I could not be happier with my decision to choose Anne-Marie for my Wedding day.”

R H I A N N O N  { B R I D E }carly_blake_ido_0126

“First off, Anne-Marie has to be the sweetest person I have met. I had never had make up done professionally and I was a bit concerned at first of how I was going to look and whether wedding guests would not “recognize” me wearing make up for once. But Anne-Marie was so amazing and wonderful to me, explaining everything and she got to know me to understand what I was looking for. Needless to say, I looked absolutely stunning on my wedding day. It hardly even looked like I was wearing make up. I simply looked stunning as if I had perfect skin and complexion. Whether it was in person or in the photos, the make up looked phenomenal. I cannot thank her enough for making me feel so beautiful on our wedding day. I was given compliments on the make up by every wedding guest (I even got compliments after my trial by total strangers!) I was absolutely blown away by her professionalism, her fast responses, helping me stay calm on and before the wedding day and of course the make up itself. If you are hesitating to call her to make a consultation appointment, slap yourself in the head for waiting and stop wasting time. If you don’t go with Anne-Marie, you will be missing out.”

A N N A { B R I D E }


 “Anne-Marie did an amazing job with my wedding makeup. And she was absolutely fun to be around. She makes you feel comfortable and beautiful! Pump up the jams while you get ready for your big day and she will dance and sing right along with your wedding party! She was still very professional and I would recommend her for anybody’s big day!”

A S H L E Y  { B R I D E }

“Anne-Marie is the best make-up artist I have ever used. She gave me the perfect look, but it was still different and dressier than my normal everyday look.”

– M A L L O R Y  { J O U R N A L I S T }


“Anne-Marie did my wedding makeup, and she was INCREDIBLE!! She is extremely sweet, talkative, and fun to work with. Her makeup skills are ON POINT. I’ve never looked or felt so beautiful.” 

– J E S S I C A  { B R I D E }

“Anne-Marie was the essence of skill and professionalism. She spent the day in our home doing make up for my daughter and all her attendants. They were all thrilled with their results, and she was delightful to spend the day with. She fit right in!”

K A R E N  { M O T H E R  O F  T H E  B R I D E }

“Anne-Marie is an incredible makeup artist! She is truly capable of transforming any woman into the best she can be. She made me feel at ease and the end result was incredible. I have acne scarring on my face and some discoloration from sun exposure. Due to the foundation application and technique that Anne-Marie uses, my skin looked flawless. I would HIGHLY recommend her services!” 

O L G A  { B R I D E }

“Anne-Marie was AMAZING! She is super friendly and incredibly gifted. I am not great with makeup and did not know how to even start explaining what I wanted but she understand exactly what I was going for and did a beautiful job! All my girls had a slightly different style/makeup preference but everyone was beautiful and very happy. HIGHLY recommend her, you won’t be sorry!”

H A N N A H  { B R I D E }


“Anne-Marie did an incredible job not just on my wedding makeup, but for my bridal party and family. We were a very diverse wedding with many skin tones, skin types, and unique features. Anne Marie did flawless color matching, she approached each woman’s makeup with a careful, considered eye and brought out their individual beauty tenfold. She was fun and patient and so talented, we managed to get a great bridal look on the spot (destination wedding meant I couldn’t do a trial) and I couldn’t have been happier with her services!”

I N G R I D  { B R I D E }

“Great experience! Very likable and flexible, make up looked fresh, natural and I couldn’t have been happier!”

M I C H E L L E  { B R I D E }

“Anne-Marie Mitchell is an extremely professional, talented makeup artist. She has done my makeup for formal occasions as well as everyday wear, and I’m always so pleased with the result! Anne-Marie will make you feel your most beautiful by highlighting your best features for a flawless, glamorous look. She is definitely a perfectionist – which I love – but remains incredibly efficient and flexible regarding time constraints. All around, a pleasure to work with and a lovely conversationalist, to boot.”

 – L A U R E N  { S T Y L E  B L O G G E R }

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