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Spray-On Beauty Wonders


Simply put, I love spray-on products. They are cooling, refreshing, a lot of them smell good…and there are ones today for pretty much every step of your makeup routine. Avid readers of this blog know I’m all about speeding up my routine lately and spray-ons are the multi-taskers that help me achieve this. I’ve got […]

How to Get Melt-Proof, Long-Lasting Summer Makeup


It’s happening.   The faces and shirts of our boyfriends and husbands are tainted with it. The evidence is stained into the furniture and is etched into the horrified expressions on our faces.  Our makeup is melting off. And no wonder. It’s the middle of summer. It’s hot. Frankly, most of the country probably feels like they […]

DIY Mixing Medium and Makeup Setting Spray


Lets face it.  Its frustrating when you apply your favorite eyeshadow and before you know it, it either applies dull and sheer or has made a mad prison break and fallen all underneath your eye area.  Congratulations, you now look like you’ve been punched in the face.  It’s even more annoying when you look in […]