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The Pregnancy Tag


I reconnected with an old high school friend recently and when his sweet photographer girlfriend, Katie Hurst found out I was preggo, she called me up and arranged a maternity photo shoot! The thought of a maternity shoot honestly had never even crossed my mind so I was so excited! We went over to a […]

The Lip Product Addict Tag

lip product addict tag

Lip products might be kinda-sorta-maybe…ok definitely my kryptonite. I just can’t help myself and always somehow end up wandering into the lipstick sections of any makeup aisle. My husband, friends and family all know that when I get lost in that section, it’s pretty much time to send in the choppers. “STEP AWAY FROM THE […]

Fiance Does My Makeup Tag

ssooooOOOoooo….IM ENGAGED! šŸ™‚ I thought that this would be the perfect time to finally do the “boyfriend does my makeup tag” or in our case, the “fiance does my makeup tag”. This video was SO fun to film and was a nice change from the usual makeup tutorial! I’ll have another video up next week […]